The Wild Welsh Willey Show!

SEASON 2  - All NEW EPISODES Starting February 2020!

                  Wednesday's 3pm & friday's 6pm only on www.ambronradio.com  

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 1 Million Acts of Welshness!  

What do you do every day or even just sometimes to promote Welsh Culture?  Do you hand out little Welsh flags when you are on holiday abroad? Do you take Welsh classes? Are you skilled in the Ancient Welsh Martial Art of Llap Goch? or vote Plaid Cymru?  Write and let us know...Send us your pics!


981,518 Acts of Welshness left!  Keep them coming!

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We now have official T-shirts!    https://teespring.com/stores/wild-welsh-willeys  


**These are produced by a third party and we have no control over the pricing, delivery times or customer service.  But we are trialing the gear with the hope of raising awareness of what we are creating.  Prices start at £14.99

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Like what we are doing?    Here is how you can help us.

As you know, currently, we have been creating the show with zero budget.  We have started to grow thanks to the magnificent support from www.Ambron-Radio.com and from time and materials donated from friends and family we have managed, against the odds, to build an international based audience of 1000+ Listeners (As of July 8th 2019).

Its got to the point where we really need some help. For Example,  even though our Audio shows are covered by Ambron Radio's Worldwide Broadcast Licence, we are running into problems with our Youtube content. Their Bot's don't recognise our perfectly valid arguments and are busy restricting access, blocking video's etc.  

So we are asking our listeners to help support us if you can.... here is how you can get involved and help us. Choose one of our milestones you'd like to support, hit the donate button and donate a set £5.00 GBP,  £10.00  or £28.00     No recurring charges.  VAT or Charitable Contribution Receipts also provided.                                                      

We need to buy our own Worldwide Broadcast Licence to cover the Tracks and Videos we are producing, but the current cost is £750 Pounds.      

First Milestone:  Yearly

Currently we can only devote 1 day a week to producing each show.  We need to have a monthly budget that allows us to commit 3 full days a week to production. Based on 2019 Nat.Min.Wage £8.21 per hour, for 8 hours per day, 3 days per week, 4 weeks, x2


Second Milestone: Monthly

Third Milestone:  One Time Pilot TV Show Project

Help us raise enough money to put together a broadcast quality, Pilot TV Show of The Wild Welsh Willey Show. Money will cover, Pre & Post Production, Hiring of TV Extra's, Hiring of Professional Production Crew & Lighting, Sound, hire etc. Attracting Quality Established Guests, Creating Comedy Sketches, production studio hire and even a craft table

Donate £5.00 Donate £28.00 Donate £10.00

Target: £750

Current Donated: £5.00

Target: £1575

Current Donated: £20.00

Target: £28,000

Current Donated: £0.00

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download (1) Winner n still champion 59429772_1467158446753096_3019944015811313664_n Photo Courtesy of Wales Online

Photo Courtesy of Wales online

53194145_10157082340924758_6063063542007857152_n Jamie Meets the Romans FRONT RGB Jamie Meets Owain Glyndwr FRONT RGB Jamie meets the Vikings Cover 2nd edition Jamie Meets Robin Hood FRONT RGB Jamie meets Blackbeard FRONT RGB Caradoc's Last Stand by Will Llawerch

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Against an epic backdrop, two young Britons - Vern and Diana - are torn between tribal duty, love, war, passion, and revenge. They fight not only for their lives, but for the very existence of their cultures.




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Introducing my Time Travel Adventures for kids!


Episode 1 of the New Series we are featuring Britain's Best Rockers Girlschool!

If you are an up and coming artist, singer, actor or Writer and want to be featured, wherever you are in the world... Get in touch!  wildwelshwilley@gmail.com


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& We also feature Special Guest Welsh Model Cat Stace on the show!

IMG_20190405_211033_531 1070003_611688258865773_1696359201_n images

British rock band Girlschool formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1978. Frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead, they are the longest-running all-female rock band, still active after more than 40 years.


Formed from a school band called Painted Lady, Girlschool enjoyed strong media exposure and commercial success in the UK in the early 1980s with three albums of 'punk-tinged metal' and a few singles, including "Emergency" & St Valentines Day Massacre with Motorhead.   They recently toured Australia in 2019 and have new up coming gigs in UK from January 2020.


I'm hoping to get them on the show for a live interview....