The Wild Welsh Willey Show!

Will's Brother from another Mother, Laurance the Anonymous is also a 1971 model.


After being expelled from Medical School in 1988, Laurance was in the Welsh Fencing Team for 2 years before joining the RAF as a Pilot.


Fresh from seeing action, he retired from the Airforce and opened a Sound Production Company touring as a Sound Engineer with some of the Kings of Rock, Hawkwind, Iron Maiden, Motorhead to name but a few.


He now travels internationally and works with small children.

Will Llawerch Born at the foot of the Esclusham Mountains in Flintshire, 1971.  


In school, History was always the passion and he loved Creative Writing, later still, he studied English Literature at Yale 6th Form College in Wrexham, a foundation which saw him in good stead in 1996 when he attended a 2 year HND GNVQ in Performing Arts.


He is a big fan of Shakespeare & George Middleton's Jacobian texts as well as the classics of Oscar Wilde, Chekov &Tennesee Williams.


In 1997, Will was invited to live alone in a reproduction Mud Hut for 3 weeks as part of an archaeological experiment.


in 2010, after 10 years as an actor in Canada, Will was cast as Principal Lead in "Boy" directed by Matty Groves. The film won a Royal Television Award.


Always hovering in the background was writing. He wrote his first book aged 8 but didn't come back to writing until 1999 when he wrote the first manuscript of "Celtic Fury".  


Since then he has become one of Wales' up and coming new writers specialising in Historical Action Adventures and Reference/Non Fiction books about British Pre-history aimed at filling the niche between Asterix the Gaul and more academic Archaeology publications.

Wild Welsh Willey


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Originally from Oxford, Natasha Best moved to sunny Bridgend 3 years ago and studies Forensic Psychology, clearly she understood Willey & Lauranamous were crackers and immediatley volunteered to join them on the show!


Togeher with her up and coming role in the film production "Moriarty", Natasha will be reading the News on the Wild Welsh Willey Show.


We are delighted to have her help.  You can find out more about Natasha's work in the link below.



Natasha Best

Natasha Best - Wild Welsh News

The Wild Welsh Willey Show was originally conceived and written by Will Llawerch to be a 10 episode tv series complete with Established and Up-and-coming Welsh Talent, Special guests, Outrageously Bogus Guests, Comedy Sketches and Live music.  


However, in the days before "Gofundme" and "Kickstarter" style sites, it became evident quite early on that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon (1998)  


Willey met Laurance and convinced him to help him record 10 episodes of a "Radio Show" which could be used a s a calling card for talent.  


"The idea being, if I can generate some real grassroots support with no budget, someone might think... "Blydi ell mun, imagine what they could do if they had some proper funding like!"  says Will.


Remember, the show was originally designed so that people would tune in the following week hopeing it might get better.


The project lay on a shelf 12 years until the lovely people at

Ambron Radio got to hear of it and gave us a chance!