The Wild Welsh Willey Show!

Early Episodes on Video

Here are some of our first tentative footsteps into Video.....  We are starting with Episode 1 of the Wild Welsh Willey show here because the first episode was just one long comedy sketch and most people haven't heard it.

I guess you jsut had to be there.  



It's funny listening to the older shows, because you can

see how they have developed along the way.

By the time we get the first 20 episodes on here, there will probably be 3 or 4 pages of these archives available.


Sometimes the film will loop or repeat itself, the content of the radio shows will always improve and we will add new film of us in the future as we can afford to.


Thanks for listening.


Thanks for making it all worth while. We would hate to be two middle aged broke artistic lads doing this just to have an outlet for our frustrations without an audience.  


It's the audience that makes it and I hope we will start to have more letters, more skype calls and more guests.


Especially more established guests.You the audience give us hope.


Thanks for coming along with us, watching us develop and helping us grow.



We are nothing without you.