The Wild Welsh Willey Show!

Videos & Past Shows

Making Videos was a necessity brought on by the need for us to find a way to feature recordings of our shows on youtube. So, we started videoing various collaborations in the studio to use as an overlay for the soundtracks themselves. Then we realised that we could make some etxra stuff, comedy shorts etc....  You can find them all here.

In our 1 hour TimeTravel Extravaganza, we were lucky enough to be filming the very moment Laurance demonstrated the TimeTravel App on his new iPhone 76.


Nobody would have believed it possible if we hadn't caught the event on camera!


Check out episode 15 to hear us meet Vikings, Witness the Death of Nelson at Trafalgar and Listen to Laurance teach a medieval minstrel how to rock out on a lute in the court of Owain Glyndwr with the help of his iPhone 76 Virtual Concert App.

Episode 18 - Cloning


We had the great idea to do a livestream of part of our "Cloning" show.  Our shows are always full of mistakes and we spend most of the time making each other laugh.


Believe it or not we do have scripts...but generally they don't survive the first 10 minutes of the show....


Check us out on Youtube, Subscribe, give us a thumbs up and ring our bell baby!

Our newest Videos will be featured here so if you were interviewed on the show, and you know which Episode your interview was featured in, you can listen to the orginal show in its entirety here and hear your interview again.


Sometimes the film will loop or repeat itself, the content of the radio shows will always improve and we will add new film of us in the future as we can afford to.


Thanks for listening.  Thanks for making it all worth while. We would hate to be two middle aged broke artistic lads doing this just to have an outlet for our frustrations without an audience.  


It's the audience that makes it and I hope we will start to have more letters, more skype calls and more guests. Especially more established guests.


You the audience give us hope.


Thanks for coming along with us, watching us develop and helping us grow.


We are nothing without you.